Contemporary Tart is a collection of video essays written, edited, and illustrated by artist duo Amber & Matthew. They have had a working relationship for several years and together they cover topics related to contemporary art, video games, pop culture, art and literary theory, and disability studies.

Illustration by Matthew.

Amber is an artist based in Nanaimo, BC (Snuneymuxw Territory). She holds an MFA in Art from the University of Lethbridge (2021) and a BA in Visual Art and Creative Writing from Vancouver Island University (2018). She creates funny little watercolour paintings and various digital projects. She is the creator and editor of Sad Girl Review, an online art and literary magazine, and the co-creator of Contemporary Tart.

Her website: ambervisualartist.com

Matthew is a digital artist based in Nanaimo, BC (Snuneymuxw Territory). He explores 3D modelling, digital painting, and video game development. He often makes photoscans of found objects in the area, creating a collection of digital replicas for online display. Matthew is Autistic and and while he has studied art in many post-secondary contexts, much of his education and artmaking has been self-directed. He is the co-creator of Contemporary Tart.

His website: matthewjfox.com